Why Hire Our Team?

Your business will realize the profits of having the right people when and where you need them without the operating expense and difficulty in sustaining a vast workforce.

We take in-house labor expenses like recruitment and drug screening, training, workers’ comp, health and unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, vacation time and sick leave and other costs off your desk so you can focus on your projects.

We make doing business simple by charging an hourly rate and billing on a weekly basis for the work performed by our personnel.

With our workforce, you’ll have great confidence in the skills, quality, and reliability of every person we provide because every craftsman we assign to your project is a TRIO Talent employee who’s been qualified with metrics for productivity, safety, and quality.


  • Higher revenues
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower overtime and hold over costs
  • Improved payroll and other office administration tasks
  • Lower recruitment and hiring costs
  • Lower workers comp and unemployment claims